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Website Animations

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WordPress Animation Plugin

Animations for Web Sites

Structured Canvas Language - SCL Animation is sprite based animation. Instead of animating HTML elements, you upload and animate images. Sprite animation is powerful, and so is SCL. It can create everything from simple animations to full 2D games.

WordPress Animation Plugin

Canvas Language makes it easy and fun to create animated content for your WordPress websites. Our plugin, coming soon, offers an integrated UI for creating and testing animations in your posts and pages.

GIF Maker

What to see Canvas Language in action? Visit Editable GIFs to see how Canvas Language is used to create easily customized animations. This allows site visits to personalize gif animations easily.

Gif maker

Canvas Language can also make games. We are in the progress of updating our game development studio but you can try it out at the link below. You can also play some SCL games on your phone or desktop.

Canvas Language is fully named as Structured Canvas Language so you will usually see the abbreviation as SCL. SCL describes animations in text format as a series of declarative instructions. For example, "create sprite" and "create rotation". Learn more about creating animations and experiment with SCL in our Guide.