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Canvas Language Animations

  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Share
  • Easy to Customize
  • Platform Independent
  • End Users can Customize
  • Extensive documentation

Why use SCL

  • Your followers, customers, friends, can personalize your animations
  • They can be personalized on any platform
  • Share your animation code in your community
  • Sell your creations & let your customers personalize them
  • It's fun

Sites Using SCL

Animation Templates


How do these animations actually work?
SCL is a language that is typed onto a webpage. An animation is described with SCL then special Javascript reads the SCL and shows the animation. This means that any SCL animation that is loaded on a webpage can actually be edited on the webpage. That is how we can offer editable templates.
create sprite from img.png as Spinner
  where x=100 y=100 center=auto
  having alt=(sub create rotation end)
create routine as Start
  launch Spinner
What kind of animations are these?
Our animations are sprite animations rendered on the HTML canvas. By "sprite animation", we mean that the animation is made up of individual moving images called "sprites". In our Animation Studio you will customize animation templates to fit your needs, then download them as a single file that can run the animation on your website.
Where else has Canvas Language (also called "SCL") been used?
Glad you asked. SCL has been used as the internal animator for our other projects:
  • Editable GIFs let's you easily customize GIFs for special occasions.
  • is a little set of games written in SCL.
  • A game dev studio you can play around with but not publish from - It's just a demo.
What makes this better than other solutions?
Canvas animations are one of several methods to add animations to a webpage. Along with GIFS, CSS animations, WEBP, and others, the canvas is another tool in the kit. The canvas allows for interactivity and flexibility. The shortcoming of canvas animations has been the need for programming skills or special tools. SCL makes using the canvas easier to program by adding a webpage level interface that allows for pre-made configurable templates. Another advantage of SCL is that the code used in SCL can be easily viewed and shared. This makes learning and customization even more flexible.
How can I learn more?