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Animation Plugin for WordPress

Use this form to request a coupon code that will allow you to download our animation plugin for WordPress. The download available with this coupon is the beta version of the plugin. It is meant only for testing, providing feedback, and trying it out for your own needs.

Want try the animation plugin for WordPress? You can request a coupon code for free access to the plugin download.

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The information you provide below will let us know a bit about you, your company, and whether you qualify for the download.

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About the WordPress Animation Plugin

The Animation Plugin that we've created for WordPress allows you to add canvas animations to your WordPress sites. The animation above is an example.

You only need 2 things to create these animations:

  1. Images to use as animation objects
  2. A text editor

Our animation plug provides the text editor as a simple <textarea> element, and it provides a playground canvas to test with. When your animation is perfect, add it to your posts.

To preview Canvas Language and how it works with WordPress, visitor our SCL guide and our WordPress specific documentation.