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Canvas Language Animation Demos

Canvas Language is a flexible and wide ranging technology used to easily add animations to a web page. It is a simple programming language that is typed onto a web page. This allows you to easily edit animation on page. Or if you are a web site owner, you can hide the source code and not allow editing. The choice is your's but you'll still enjoy its ease of use.

Below are a handful of demos that you can select from the list. The demo will run upon selection. Scroll under the canvas to view the source code that creates and runs the animation. You can edit the source code and see your changes by pressing the Restart button.

Be sure to read the detailed description of each animation that also loads. This will have important information on how to use the animation.


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More Interactive Animations

We have other pages too, that will let you change animations to see how things work. Including a whole other website for GIFs.