Bezier Curves

The Bezier alteration will move your sprite along a curve you specify with a path.
Curves are implemented via cubic bezier curves(View on Wikipedia), that is, a start point, an end point, and 2 guide points between them.

create routine as Start launch curver end create sprite from attacker1.png as curver where x=640 and y=80 having alt=bez1 end create bezier as bez1 where start=775,81 orientation=tangent time=3000 laps=2 path="775,152 670,191 611,157 534,112 538,65 478,93 291,244 287,68 223,85 -31,297 24,50 39,48 104,8 120,213 403,54 537,-2 537,149 718,37 748,28 776,18 775,81" end


the name of a routine to run with the sprite is finished following all the laps of the curve.
how many times sprite should follow the path. For unlimited, use a high number like 99999999
indicates how to angle the sprite on the path
path={"x,y "...}
a series of points separated by spaces. The first two points are guides leading from start. Do not put a linefeed inside the path value.
x,y position from which to compare path coordinates. See the notes above
a rough guide to how long it should take the sprite to traverse the path