The Flipbook alteration will change the image of your sprite repeatedly to create a simple flipbook animation.

create routine as Start launch rider end create sprite from horse12.png as rider where x=100 y=100 having alt=flipHorse end create flipbook as flipHorse where images=("horse1.png","horse2.png","horse3.png","horse4.png","horse5.png","horse6.png","horse7.png","horse8.png","horse9.png","horse10.png","horse11.png") and loop=true end


specify a routine to run when the last frame is complete (non-looping)
use this if you want to mix up the order of images shown to be different from the order of the images listed in the images parameter. Use 1 for the first frame ie: 1-based indexing. You can also use random as a value to randomize frames.
list of images to be shown for each frame - please quote the image names
specify if the sprite should keep the last frame as its image after the flipbook is done running
specify if the flipbook should repeat continuously
specify how long each frame should be displayed. The default is 50ms per frame