A Rotation is an alteration that will rotate a sprite around its center point. It has a number of interesting options in order to get your sprite oriented how you want it.

When applying a rotation to a child sprite, the angles are relative to the sprite's direct parent sprite, not the screen.

create routine as Start launch spinner end create sprite from windmill-180x180.png as spinner where center=90,90 and x=350 and y=160 having alt=rot1 end create rotation as rot1 where speed=-100 distance=720 easein20 easeout=40 end


speed of rotation in degrees per second. This can be a negative value to rotate clockwise.
the distance to rotate - positive values only - speed sets direction.
OR,use distance=short to travel the shortest distance to the given destination. In this case, the sign of speed is ignored.
rotate until this angle is reached
rotate until pointing at this x,y coordinate
gradually increase speed over this distance (in degrees).
before reaching distance, gradually decrease speed over this distance (in degrees).
specify a routine or another alteration to run when the rotation stops
See the angles page for more details.