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Shop for things of Interest

Below are things that might be of interest to three types of people:
  • Lifestyle improvement in general.
  • Work from home, at a computer and desk all day.
  • Website developers who are interested in programming, graphics, and animation.
A desk fan is a must-have for me, despite the noise. It keeps the air flowing through my work space, so I don't create a bubble of CO2 around me as I work.
Keeping a tab on my desktop (literal) CO2 levels. Want to keep them below 0.1%.
Temperature guns are super handy. I use mine for cooking but also found some uninsulated walls in a friend's house.
For the sake of completion, this one IS FOR PEOPLE. I haven't used it, but it is one of the few with a good rating and a handful of 4 and 5 star reviews.
I suspect the product category is quite new so in time reviews for others will come in as well.
Here are some books I recommend for developing new software products.
And a few of my favorite can't-put-it-down reads.