Interactive User Engagement

We can create a fun animation to engage users' creativity and encourage them to share your message.

Imagine your product, love by users, accessible to everyone, and ready to expand. It could be a tasty delectable, the perfect audio system, a great new car, or the trendist fashion set. Now let your audience create it and share it with just a few clicks and a little imagination.

We will create a web based animation that lets users build a custom animation that they can share as a GIF or Video.

What do we mean? Here a sample taken from a sister site, Editable GIFs. The first video below depicts what the user sees as they create a milkshake GIF.
The second video shows the final GIF that is shared.

Creation of shareable GIF

The GIF that gets shared

What are the advantage of using Canvas Language (SCL)?

  • We created SCL, and we use our expertise with it to create your animation rapidly.
  • Animations can be interactive allowing users to create their own animations.
  • Interactive Animations can trigger events based on user choices, as a way to survey your audience in a fun and engaging way.
  • The animations work on all modern browsers and platform. MacOS, iOS, Android, and desktops. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and anything else Webkit.

Please visit EditableGIFs to make your own Milkshake gif to see the example in action.

Free promotion: Need an animation?

Do you have an interesting idea for a shareable animation that will help spread the word of your product or service? We might be able to make it for you for free. Let us know what you have in mind. There is no guarantee that we can create your idea as part of this free offer, but we will consider it based on what we can offer, and what you want.

To have your idea considered, you must:

  • Have a product or service suitable for all ages.
  • Have an established following on social media.
  • Have an idea that fits within an effort scope approximating the milkshake example.
  • Provide your own graphical components.
  • Pass our strict discretion, which is completely subjective, and answers to noone.
  • Have a general idea of how the animation will work. See the Make-a-Milkshake example above, or here. What fun thing will your users do and share?

If that sounds rough, consider that you could just say, "I want a build-a-bicycle animation and I have an artist". And we'd probably do it for you.

But if you were to say, "Breaking Bad-style meth cooking, and I don't have an artist" then we'd soundly reject that. The two examples are extremes. Anything could lie in the middle and be accepted or rejected. If you are still interested, let us know your idea.

Contact us with the form below to discuss your needs.