Web Animation Service

Web developers can now create web animations in our new animation studio.


The webpage animations we provide run on the HTML Canvas element. The animations are described to your browser using our animation programming language, Canvas Language (SCL for short). This is the same technology used at Editable GIFs. When you create an animation you can download it as a single file to embed on your web page.

You can customize animations using the default settings of different templates, or by changing the SCL source code that created them. Edit the SCL in the Advanced tab, but be aware, it’s under the Advanced tab for a reason. Upload your own replacement images to make the animations uniquely yours.

How to make web animations

Here is how to make your web animation:

Web animation templates for your web site
Choose a template to start from
Customize web animation templates for inclusion on your site.
Customize using the fields and your own uploaded images
Download web animation files
Download your completed animation

As indicated in the image above, you include the animation on your webpage using the <script> element. The sclpak file is actually a Javascript file containing all the images used by your animation plus the instructions for what the animation actually does (the SCL code). This download feature allows you to upload the sclpak file in order to make changes to it later.

Upload your web animation file to change them
To change/edit your animation, upload it again

The service is new, free, but it is not complete. There are improvements to be made, and there are more features to be added. There will also be a paid subscription service in the future.

It is extremely important now that we get feedback. There is a survey on the Pro* tab of the UI, please fill it out. Leave comments here or via the website contact form. We look forward to comments, complaints, and suggestions.

Please try it out and have fun making your own web animations.