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Are you a GIF artist crafting eye-catching alerts and animations for streamers? Look no further – Canvas Language is here to revolutionize the way you create, customize, and share GIFs on any streaming platform.
The end result: your customers can personalize the GIFs you make for them.

Sell your customer a GIF template, and they'll be able to come back to change it whenever they want. And as the artist, you get to decide how they can do it.

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Why Choose Canvas Language?

Empower Streamers to Personalize GIFs

With Canvas Language, you're not just creating GIFs for your clients – you're giving them the power to tweak and personalize their animations further. Streamers can now truly own their brand and engage their audience with unique visuals.

Fine-Tuned Control with a Programming Language

Dive deep into the intricate details of your animations. Our integrated programming language grants you unparalleled control, allowing you to craft GIFs exactly as you envision them.

Templates Galore for Quick Customization

Explore our vast library of hundreds of ready-to-use templates. Jumpstart your creative journey with a solid foundation and effortlessly customize animations to match your client's branding.

Effortless Learning by Example

Our ingenious template-based approach makes learning a breeze. Start with a template similar to your vision and edit it to perfection. Your creative process accelerates as you build upon existing animations, fostering rapid growth and innovation.

Plenty of Learning Resources

Access our comprehensive documentation and tutorials to master Canvas Language quickly simply by editing templates and trying things out.

Optimized GIFs & Video Alternatives

We care about performance. Our technology optimizes GIF file sizes for smooth streaming, and for larger animations, video downloads are at your fingertips.

Quality Reflects Your Expertise

The quality of your animations is limited only by your imagination and design skills. Your animations can become a seamless extension of your artistry, ensuring you stand out in the crowd.

Future-Ready Subscription

While there's currently no charge, we're excited to introduce a premium ad-free subscription soon, offering even more benefits for dedicated artists.

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